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Oct 28 2011

La Capoeira – 1963

Short documentary produced by french television in 1963 (audio in french). It shows Mestre Pastinha and his students (among them, Mestre João Pequeno) playing capoeira in a beach that seems to be Itapoan’s Lighthouse (Salvador). Mestre Pastinha plays berimbau, while Mestre João Pequeno sings and plays capoeira with Mestre Waldomiro Malvadeza. Posted on YouTube by teimosia

Oct 28 2011

Mestres João Grande and João Pequeno play in 1968

Check out these two clips of Mestres João Pequeno and João Grande playing in 1968. The first is an excerpt from the movie “Dança de Guerra” directed by Jair Moura. Mestres João Grande and João Pequeno play, while Mestres Noronha and Maré sing. Posted on YouTube by Teimosia. The second clip shows Mestres João Pequeno …

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Oct 26 2011

Jogo de Dentro Animation

This animated short tells the story of a couple playing a game of Capoeira in the park. The technique of rotoscoping (tracing video frame by frame) is used to give the movements an extra dimension.

Oct 25 2011

Capoeira Gone Wrong

Ever wonder what a bench-clearing brawl would look like in capoeira? Check out the footage from this out-of-control roda… duck and cover!