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Oct 28 2011

Quotes from Mestre Curió

Source: Jornal Capoeira Translation into English: Shayna McHugh  Mestre Curió (Jaime Martins dos Santos) was born in 1939. He was a student of Pastinha, and he continues to teach and spread capoeira angola. “Capoeira is art, dance, malícia, philosophy, trickery, theater, music, and choreography, but not violence. It only becomes dangerous at the necessary moment.” …

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Oct 26 2011

2009 – A Roda the Size of the World

Bahia’s capoeira mestres, heirs of the legendary Bimba and Pastinha, circulate among more than 150 countries teaching the game-art. With the participation of Mestres Joao Pequeno, Joao Grande, Acordeon, Itapua, Camisa, Nenel, Curio, Boca Rica, Moraes, Janja, and Sabia. By Tatiana Mendonça Published May 10, 2009 in Revista Muito Translated into English by Shayna McHugh The two …

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