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Interview with Mestre Cafuné

Source: Revista União Capoeira, Ano 3, n. 6 – May 2006 Translation into English: Shayna McHugh Mestre Cafuné, what was your first contact with capoeira? Like every Bahian, my first contact with capoeira was in the street festivals that my parents took me to watch ever since I was a young boy. I always tried …

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Nicknames in capoeira regional

Written by Mestre Cafuné Translated into English by Shayna McHugh, 2007 Source: Praticando Capoeira In the Centro de Cultura Física Regional – Mestre Bimba’s Academy – the ritual of the nickname was one of the most important and beautiful traditions for us. Several days after the new student’s enrollment, when we had already learned the …

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