Oct 28 2011

Music in Bahia’s Capoeira Angola

Capoeira is more than just a sport to which music is indispensable. It is also a philosophy of life, rooted in fundamentals that speak of freedom and knowing oneself.

Capoeiristas are also musicians, for they sing and play the berimbau, caxixi, pandeiro, agogo, atabaque and reco-reco. The melodies can be rhyming prose, or songs with or without refrains.

Colorful names like samba-de-roda, corrido, ladainha, chula, oracoes and bendicoes describe the interplay of voices that go with the interplay of movement by participants in a capoeira roda.

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Source: Texts from Brazil n.14, produced by the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil.


  1. Many great Mestre’s have worked very hard and moved very far from home to bring capoeira to other parts of the world… It has been my experience if you truly want to learn from them you have to meet them at least half way… the first step of doing that is going to a class and talking with them. forget the books and videos you will just learn bad habbits and you will not learn how to move or act in the roda from a book. if its too much hassle and too much distance to go to a class once a week… recruit some friends to carpool with you to dallas, houston, SA or one of the many other places in texass where there are established groups. while your there speak with their mestre/instructors and ask them what techniques you should work on together until you can come to a class again… also i suggest going to batizado’s and other events… but do so in a respectful manner, communicate to let them know your interested in coming etc….. once there always check in with the who ever is in charge before just jumping in.

  2. if your friends underestimate you because you train capoeira thats thier first mistake and one you should take advantage of, remember the most effective strikes including a hand strike named galopante are hidden techniques in capoiera, ive been training 10 years and ive seen mestres with effective fighting technique in capoeira which include headbutts, elbows and takedowns, these mestres were so fast and agile and full of confidence they could surprise thier opponent every single time, they use the element of Malicia, deception to fool the opponent, this takes years to develop and its only learned in the roda, also remember that capoeira is a core streefighting style, we do more than just kick, but i will not reveal anything more,just go to a capoeira academy and have your friends go one on one with a mestre of the art, the capoeira kicks hit harder than the other kicks, meia lua di compasso is not a blockable kick, you try and block it and it will break your arm. I dont spar because capoeira is not designed for sparing, its designed for real no holds back fighting, because capoeira is meant to take out the other guy with 1 or 2 moves max so either we do or we dont, no sparring, just explain to your friends thats the only way to test it and go all out on them dude, Peace.

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