Oct 26 2011

How can I learn Portuguese?

Although you don’t have to know Portuguese to do the movements, you must learn it in order to more fully comprehend capoeira. Portuguese is essential for understanding the songs and also for communicating with Brazilian mestres, instructors, and students who don’t speak English. Here are some ways you can begin learning this beautiful language:

1. Sign up for Portuguese for Capoeiristas

Portuguese for Capoeiristas uses capoeira songs as a base for learning Portuguese. Each lesson includes capoeira song lyrics, vocabulary, grammar, and practice exercises. P4C members get six new lessons every month for less than the price of one capoeira class.

2. Take a class at a local university or language school

Ideally you want Brazilian Portuguese, but European Portuguese (spoken in Portugal) is fine too – the two are like British and American English; they’re the same language but with different accents and some different words/expressions.

3. Find a Brazilian in your area

Check out meetup.com to see if there’s a Brazilian group or Portuguese-speaking group in your area.

4. Buy a computer program or CD

Here’s a list of Portuguese learning software.

5. Check out free online resources

Boa sorte! (Good luck!)