Oct 26 2011

Capoeira is…

Compiled from various sources and translated into English by Shayna McHugh

Capoeira is a fight of dancers.
It is a dance of gladiators.
It is a duel of comrades.
It is game, it is dance, it is combat –
a perfect synthesis of force and rhythm, poetry and agility.
– Dias Gomes

Capoeira is the opposite of stupidity!
– Mestre Decânio

Capoeira is the fight of the weak against the strong, and this is why it has been repressed even until today.
– Mestre João Pequeno

Capoeira angola is malícia, it is cleverness, wickedness, deception, attack and defense, joy and sadness.
– Mestre Bigo

Capoeira is for the whole world. It is for men, women, and children. It is for black, red, blue, and yellow. It is in our blood.
– Mestre João Grande

Capoeira is an instrument of resistance of oppressed classes seeking a just and equal society.
– Mestre Moraes

Capoeira angola is a fight, and a violent fight. It can kill; it has killed before.
– Mestre Bola Sete

Capoeira is the great expression of human individuality.
– Mestre Decânio

Capoeira is like a brook, a stream that runs and that takes the form that is necessary, depending on the path… it is the art of anti-grappling, the art of the weak against the strong; it is the cobra, the strike of the cobra.
– Mestre Suassuna

Capoeira is a street fight and it should only be used in legitimate defense in case you are attacked.
– Mestre Bimba

Capoeira is malícia, it is cleverness, it is everything the mouth eats.
– Mestre Pastinha

Capoeira is just one.
– Carybé

Capoeira is joy.
– Mestre Canjiquinha