Oct 28 2011

Capoeira Angola Ritual Circle Performance

Written by Rosa Maria Araujo Simões

We generally observe, in the discourse and teachings of angola mestres, some emphasis on the preservation of tradition and the fundamentals of Angola-style capoeira. Among these we would highlight, as examples, respect, justice, humility and patience.

All of these virtues can be seen in full bloom in the organization of the ritual (the capoeira circle, or roda) in which considerable pains are taken to reproduce the specific knowledge and language characteristic of the Angola style of capoeira. Let us now join the circle…

“…practically every object, every gesture, song or prayer, or slice of space and time is accepted on faith as something other than itself. It is more than it appears to be, and often, quite a lot more.”  – Turner, 1974:29

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Source: Texts from Brazil n.14, produced by the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil.